Case Studies


The Case of the Empty Seats

Client: Famous Real Estate Seminar Company
The Problem: Increasing Seminar Attendance

You have a seminar coming up, and you need to fill the room. Unfortunately, it’s looking like you’re going to have a lot of empty seats. What do you do? For our Client, they called us.

As a regular marketer for the most famous financial seminars company in the world, they had the unique challenge of needing to fill out larger and larger venues. The problem was that it was becoming harder and harder to find more people to go to them.

We worked with our client (who will remain unnamed) to profile the most likely attendees for these events and initiated an online campaign that increased their attendance by over 600% in just three years. Now their venues are packed, and they’re looking for an even bigger space for next year.

The Case of Missing Participants

Client: Toluna
The Problem: Need for Online Survey Takers

Toluna -one of the top market research companies in the world- had a problem: they couldn’t find enough survey participants to meet the demands of their growing business. They tried doing social media advertising themselves, but couldn’t achieve a viable CPA.

They came to us because our Profiled Direct Response strategy was the perfect fit for their needs.

In 2013 we started profiling, and they started profiting. In just three years we increased their survey participants by over 450%.